Cadets Agenda/calendar:

Planned Cadet Programs, activities, network, and social agenda:

Based on our goals we plan to go beyond the field of football, we want to give our youngsters a life experience and educational exposure. One of our ambitions is to incorporate our program in major Danish events and cultural activities; this will help anchoring what we are trying to teach:

The C-Drill:

  1. Half time demonstrations at national team soccer events. (DBU cooperation needed)
  2. Half time demonstrations at major soccer events with FCK (Park and Entertainment)
  3. Half time demonstrations at major soccer events with BIF (Brøndby)
  4. Half time demonstrations at major handball events.


US exchange program:

  1. In 2016 we plan a trip to the US for two exhibition games; One at Gainesville State juvenile correctional center to play a game with their youngsters, both groups will learn about the world and be exposed to a very new and different context, other than what they are used to.
  2. Second game against Coolidge High School in Washington DC who applies the methodology of education and football in their philosophy and have the only varsity female coach in the United States. (While in DC take team photo on White House lawn)

General knowledge:

  1. Two educational trips per year, museum, opera, or exhibitions.
  2. Educational support for cadet students who need to work on their academic scores.
  3. Danish talent preparation for College in the US.
  4. We are getting involved in any and all major events where our hosts find that what we stand for and demonstrate is a great educational contribution to youth development in Denmark.
  5. We plan exposure in the arena of advertising, commercials, and campaigns that will effect young people, example: wear seatbelt, stop smoking, drinking and drugs, accepting others, no bullying, no gangs.
  6. Danish Red Cross involvement, doctors beyond borders, UNICEF, fund raising.
  7. Emergency training (First aid, and disaster training with FALCK)


  1. Lectures to educational institutions and other sports programs regarding our strategy.
  2. See the methodology be replicated by other sports context; Basketball, Soccer, Handball, etc.