The half time demonstration C-DRILL

High disciplined and skilled demonstration by the Cadets

C-DRILL has two versions an, a, and a b version.

a). Is maximum eight minutes long, and is a high intense choreographed synchronized boot camp style warm up show. (Very entertaining for any crowd) Sometimes includes crowd participation. These eight minutes incorporate a one minute silence for the cadets; this requires the cadets standing totally still for one minute (even if stung by a bee). The one minute silence brings to our audiences’ attention that there are those that are silent, kept silent or choose to remain silent.


b). Is maximum eight minutes and this focuses on an American Football technical demonstration of throwing, catching, running, blocking, and tackling, lots of colorful, tackling sleds, dummies, and shields that are used for American Football training are shown. (Also another highly disciplined environment that would impress our young audience) Both our demonstrations could be combined for a total of sixteen minutes maximum, both programs are flexible to include crowd participation at different levels. In other words, we can get the crowd enthused.