Why is funding us worth it?

It is interesting to many, and it benefits all.

It’s not just about us at CFA; it’s about the way we want to introduce a more efficient way to educate/coach/train/instruct/guide through sports.

While projects boast of their coincidental successes, CFA aims to prove that a consciously scripted behavioral training plan will have a much higher success rate than any program without a tailored intervention script/strategy/plan.

Points not rederic:

  • We do not rely on coincidence, “we have a plan”.
  • The method is needed and we plan to get it out there.
  • Our strategy will positively benefit projects you already might currently be funding.
  • We will do workshops for other program/projects/clubs.
  • The founder will engage in academic lectures nationwide, Socialhøjskole, Pedagogical Seminaries, and other educational institution to share; examples, procedures, and results. (See: Founder)
  • We plan to make an academic and political statement.
  • We have an open door cooperative policy for educational institutions.
  • We will not try and rationalize our failures, but instead identify and rectify, we want our idea to be replicated.

A full budget disclosure is readily available upon request by any party that is interested. As soon as we are contacted regarding your interest in supporting the Cadet program a PDF file will be sent to you immediately. The content:

  • A step by step account of all the different areas where funding is needed.
  • Budget and plans.
  • Our Banking information.
  • Our CVR number.