The Methodology

Context Manipulation (CM) is the method that we apply to maximize a positive sustainable outcome in the anchoring of behavioral competencies through CFA. This involves the following procedures:

  1. Task observation analysis
  2. Program design and implementation
  3. Functional analysis
  4. Generalization

Task observation analysis includes visiting schools, projects, organizations, correctional institutions, and local neighborhoods to learn about settings and contexts in which the kids are involved and their current behavior. This gathered information is needed to construct a tailored intervention strategy.

Program design and implementation includes clinical pedagogical decision making to create a framework that addresses current behavior and supports individual development.

Functional analysis entails that staff/coaches evaluate the effects of the model on the kid’s behavior in accordance to our core values to trace how this relates back to society.

Generalization includes feedback from parents, schools, and any other relevant social context in order to measure the extent to which the kid is behaving appropriately in other context outside of CFA.

CM is a behavioral self-control simulator, as a flight simulator is to a pilot. This specific context/simulator is American Football. It is all about molding and scripting the football context to target specific behavioral experiences, so we can introduce, reduce, reinforce or reverse a behavioral competency. The Cadet learns that he may be his own enemy. Every decision he makes will determine the shape, form, and direction of his future. He will be trained to fight temptation and never give in to distractions that will take him away from his life’s objectives. This is what we call being CADET STRONG.

Our formula:

My Strength (MS)+Your Strength(YS)=Cadet Strong(CS)

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