We don't turn our backs

What are the requirements to join our team?

“Wow”, this is a tough question, you need to get on your bike, walk, or get your parents to drive you, catch the train or a bus, or drive yourself, so not being lazy or finding the most ridiculous excuses is a good start. The rest we will help you with:

  1. Attitude.
  2. Character.
  3. Ambition.
  4. The desire to succeed.
  5. The power to overcome.
  6. The will to defeat, “SELF”.

Some of you see football as the bigger the better, we see football as the more the merrier. Others ask, is it for boys only? We say it is for people that come to practice.

Considering trying out for the CADETS?

We don't turn our backs

We are more than a football team, we are a character concept, winning championships is not our thing, building champions is. Our program does not look at where you are from, instead we focus on where you are going and how hard are you willing to work to get there. We have a character building sports concept that is second to none. Joining us means; that your personal development is in our programs best interest. We promote you as a person, because we believe that will make you the best player, and being the best player means you understand yourself and all others around you. Every time you beat one of your own weaknesses, it makes everybody around you stronger.

Become a cadet instead

We want everybody to try out, even this bird who thought he was useless, was a major contribution to our program. He turned out to be a key part of our dinner table, he helped us to grow and be stronger. So if this turkey made it, don't be a chicken.

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