The problem

When it comes down to social intervention strategies, regarding working with; Youth At Risk (YAR). Many have a motive, but very few are motivated

From a political point:

Solutions last for as long as the person responsible for office is sitting in the chair, his/her main objective is to stay out of the line of fire. Their solutions only need to withstand the test of a television interview. As a result the plaster on the wound solution is more commonly applied. So the effectiveness of a solution is less relevant than the question of, “will the public buy into it?”

Currently we “save” one out of hundred, and we use the one as a political reflection of success.

From the, SSP, Social-offices, and Pedagogical system:

Though we are in full agreement that the current pedagogical philosophy is not equipped to deal with the current multicultural events that are unfolding in our neighborhoods and streets we opt to press through with the arguments of, “Danish tradition”. So the system reflects more the preservation of an ideology than seeking a solution for our multicultural society.

So the system designs new plasters to fit the wound, the politician only needs to know if the public is willing to buy it, and the opposition challenges the effectiveness of the plaster. We are not training to avoid or minimize the injuries; instead we just choose to stop the bleeding.

So we end up with:

  1. The same recurring problems that are only getting worse.
  2. Projects with very little to zero accountability originated through the pulje system.
  3. Unsupervised multi-caged play grounds springing up all around.
  4. In some cases questionable personnel being employed (back ground?)
  5. Lack of informed personnel with extended training to deal with a more challenging environment.
  6. Panic spending, instead of cost effective investment which would improve social development that could be replicated, and yield a higher success rate.
  7. The illusion that something is being achieved only to realize retroactively that we were inefficient in our endeavors.