It is not a coincidence that we are attracting such a diverse group of youngsters. We have designed the program to make all feel welcomed and allow the cadets to recognize something about themselves when they join our organization. We do not use the term integration as a word but our context provides a platform for the process.

We have provided the context with room enough for all to find themselves in. For instance, do not be surprised, if you see a group washing themselves and getting ready for prayer at sunset, and after prayer resume practice at a Cadet training.

We want the youngsters to bring whatever sets them apart and make that a part of what we do at CFA – this is growth for us (that is, CADET STRONG). We do not wish to restrict our integration effort to focus on just the racial or cultural issues, rather our core values as a whole.

This said again we have a perfect scenario that illustrates the merging of “Danish tradition” and “integration”, our focus is not about; ones origin, ones gender, sexual orientation, or winning, but the manner in which we go about learning to incorporate our cultural strengths, weaknesses and the type of discipline we need to succeed.


Keep in mind equal opportunity does not always allow for equality or vice versa.