In our Intranet is where cadets can find assistance, support, communicate, be informed, get updated on everything concerning the way we cooperate.

Example: Here is where Cadets sign up for study buddy classes, cadets who are having problems with a subject in school can contact another cadet to assist. We begin setting up support for this individual by hooking him/her with another Cadet who might be strong in that specific subject; this Cadet is called a study buddy.

We have volunteer teachers that will assist with tutoring in the subjects that cadets are having problems with at school. (The study buddy + a tutor) We consider this a serious part of our program practice. Going to football practice in the Cadet philosophy also mean that instead of your helmet and shoulder pads you bring your books.

All group coaches are responsible for keeping themselves informed in regards to how there player is doing through the intranet, the study buddy, and tutor.

We monitor school progress and support each other on the educational front as well as on the field. We do not use a period in the CADET philosophy, but instead a coma. Our relations doesn’t stop after practice or a game, the idea is to keep on supporting where need be on and off the field; our goal is the individual as a whole, find your team mates potential.

Our intranet supports the idea as to why you should never take your team mate for granted, you might be a better player than he is today, but he might be the owner of a company tomorrow.The CADETS code of conduct, better known as (SOP) Standard Operating Procedures, is described inside our intranet.

Due to privacy issues only the Cadets, coaches, and tutors has access to the intranet.