Our Target Group

Adolescent teenagers with one or more of the following characteristics:

  1. Youngsters age groups 12-16 and 17-19
  2. Youngsters from gang infested areas.
  3. Youngsters who have experienced bullying in some shape or form
  4. Youngsters from different cultural, ethnical and religious backgrounds with identity problems.
  5. Youngsters lacking educational motivation
  6. Neglected youngsters (Sandholm Lejren and our local youth)
  7. Youngsters who see no light at the end of their tunnel
  8. Kids who would like to be a part of, learn, and play the game.

The Recruitment Process

We have three components in our recruitment process, respectively, active street work, media and news, and active community development:

  1. Active street work: Our coaches visit known hot spots in troubled areas, where they engage with the youngsters. Once the dialogue has been established, our SSP consultant refers the selected kids to their local SSP consultant, who contacts their social worker.
  2. Media and news: The Cadets campaign group gets the team exposed through their contacts in the advertising industry. Through the promotional efforts and expected media interest we foresee to get a natural flow of youngsters into the program.
  3. Active community involvement: Please see the Cadets calendar/agenda.